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On this page you can listen to clips of tracks and download albums. One track from each album is available for free download. CD copies of the albums are available on request, please contact us to arrange.


WHAT'S THE FUSS? - March 2000

Including: "More To Life" - About the pointlessness of war and terrorism.  "On The Game" - About the life of a disillusioned prostitute.  "What's The Fuss" - About the Millennium celebrations.

1 More To Life listen                    
2 Better Times listen  
3 Give A Little Loving listen  
4 Gardening In A Deckchair listen    
5 The Friend listen  

6 Like A Train free download  
7 On The Game listen
8 End Of The Wind   listen
9 Calling All Planets listen
10 What's The Fuss?? listen
11 Je Vois Clair listen
    download the album WHAT'S THE FUSS (price 7)

SOMEBODY'S CHILD -  August 2005

Including:   "When You Walked Through That Door" - Written as a result of the senseless

London bombings on 7/7/2005.  "Somebody's Child" - Written during the Iraqi war.

"The Promised Land" - A song dedicated to two friends who died young.


1 The Promised Land  listen
2 There Are Days listen  
3 Carol I Need You           listen  
4 New Leaf                       listen  
5 Can You Tell Me           listen
6 Kiss Her Goodbye           listen
7 Where Is Love                free download
8 My Lucky Stars             listen
9 When You Walked Through   That Door listen 
10 Somebody's Child         listen
11 Dreaming                        listen
    download the album SOMEBODY'S CHILD (price 7)


SONGS IN THE KEY OF X - December 2007

An album of piano music arranged and played by Steve.

1 The Entertainer - From the film Sting   listen  
2 Etude In G - Schumann listen  
3 Hungarian Dance - Brahms listen  
4 Walz In C-Sharp Minor - Chopin listen    
5 Fur Elise - Beethoven listen    
6 I Vowe To Thee My Country - Holst         listen  
7 Sonata No 16 In C Major (1st movement) - Mozart listen  
8 My Favourite Things - from The Sound Of Music  free download   
9 Ragtime Improvisation                          listen  
10 Je Vois Clair - S. Holtz listen    
11 The Trout - Schubert listen  
12 Walz In A-Flat - Chopin listen    
13 Song For Guy - Elton John listen    
14 Schumann's Lullaby - Schumann listen  
15 Dreaming - S. Holtz listen    
                                                                   download the album SONGS IN THE KEY OF X (PRICE 7)

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