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Steve    I was born in Port Louis, Mauritius. I came to England for treatment on eye tumours which resulted in my becoming totally blind. I attended visually impaired boarding schools from the age of 3 to 18. While at school, my greatest interest was music. I took classical piano exams and obtained grade 8 with distinction at the age of 15, by which time I had started to write both classical and pop music. My other main subject of interest was maths, and after my A-levels I went to Nottingham University, where I obtained a first class honours maths degree. From there I worked as a scientist at government communications headquarters in Cheltenham (GCHQ). I resigned in 1998 to take up a fulltime career in music. My job is now performing, writing, recording and producing music. My hobbies include football, cricket, chess, swimming and going out to restaurants!

Aska  I was born in Japan, and was brought up there. During my schooling my greatest interests were music and drama. I was involved in the theatre, singing, acting and Japanese traditional Koto music from an early age. While at high school I went to Australia as part of a youth choir to perform in a concert in Brisbane. This was my first experience of performing abroad. I came to England to learn English and drama. It was while studying and performing with the Everyman youth theatre in Cheltenham that I met Steve and we started performing and recording music together. My hobbies are shopping and going to the theatre

PASCAL'S TRIANGLE  We give concerts at various times during the year, performing a mixture of classical music, songs from shows and pop music. This includes our own compositions, works from shows such as The Sound Of Music, Oliver, Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables, and pop music by artists such as Lennon & McCartney, Diana Ross, Joni Mitchell, Carol King, Elton John, Robbie Williams, Rufus Wainwright. Click on gig dates to see details of forthcoming concerts.

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